A therapist helps you heal from the past, process emotions, thoughts and behaviors and draw patterns from the interplay of all three to discover a more integrated self.

Life Coaching

Coaching helps you clarify your direction, strategize your actions, upgrade your skills, build resilience against negativity, and master your psychology.

My Expertise


Stress & Anxiety

Relationship Issues

Family Issues

Race Related Issues



Domestic Violence

Grief & Loss

Career Development

Sexual Assault


My Approach

Unlike other therapists who believe that the mind is the key to unlocking everything, Tom believes in the holistic perspective of working with mind, emotions, and body.  He is familiar with the most scientifically backed approaches towards changing your psychology, and he’s also trained in Somatic Experiencing, a 45-year old body-oriented approach to healing which combines physiology, psychology, biology, neuroscience, and ancient Chinese healing practices.

Through my sessions you will learn how the mind-body connection helps open neuropathways to healing. The skillset you learn in session will become a part of your “toolset” on your life- long journey towards happiness and wellbeing.

Tom will not wholly agree with you, or “uh huh” you to death like other therapists. He will push you, heal you, and help you in your apprenticeship to the truth. 

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