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Signs You Might Need Therapy…

Not sleeping well or enough

Lack of energy

Low libido

Family issues

Anger issues

Traumatic event

Boundary issues

Excessive gaming

School Issues

Low self-esteem

Relationship problems

Work-related issues

Obsessive thoughts

Race-related issues

Military trauma

Alcohol or drug abuse

Social anxiety


Suicidal thoughts

Sexual assault

Asian issues

My Approach

Most approaches in therapy only work with the mind and emotions; however, the latest research shows that healing is in the entire being, which includes work in the body.  Tom believes in the holistic perspective of working with the mind, emotions, and body.  This approach is based on Somatic Experiencing, a 45-year old body-oriented approach to healing that combines physiology, psychology, biology, neuroscience, and ancient Chinese healing practices.  It’s like yoga for the mind.  Through Tom’s sessions, you will learn how the mind-body connection helps open neuropathways to heal. The skillset you learn in session will become a part of your “toolset” on your life-long journey towards happiness and wellbeing.  Tom will help you identify the issues involved and create a treatment plan so that you can heal and create the life you’ve always desired.

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