I’m Tom

Therapist and Life Coach

I provide therapy and coaching in English and Mandarin to clients ages 15 and up to alleviate depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship issues and emotional trauma. 


A therapist helps you heal from the past, process emotions, thoughts and behaviors and draw patterns from the interplay of all three to discover a more integrated self.

Life Coaching

Coaching helps you clarify your direction, strategize your actions, upgrade your skills, build resilience against negativity, and master your psychology.

Holistic Approach

Using the mind to heal the body, using the body to heal the mind.


Researched-backed homework designed to keep your momentum going forward.

Positive Psychology

Utilizing over a decade of research on happiness to help you become the best possible version of yourself.

Person Centered

Your treatment takes into account your gender, sexual-orientation, race, upbringing, attachment style, somatic symptoms, and previous trauma.

Who Is Therapy and Coaching For?

Do you feel constantly tired? Feel like you’re saying no to life as if you’re not living? Do you feel like you’re stuck but have no idea why? Do you feel like you died a spiritual death a long time ago? Have you lost someone you loved and you fear being hurt again? Does your fear of being hurt again keeps you stuck, not just in one aspect, but all aspects of life? Have you seen a therapist in the past but feel like “I didn’t learn anything?” 

Get unstuck.

Confucius says, “Every person has two lives, and the second one starts when he realizes he has just one.”

What Is Tom’s Holistic Approach?

Unlike other therapists who believe that the mind is the key to unlocking everything, Tom believes in the holistic perspective of working with mind, emotions, and body.  He is familiar with the most scientifically backed approaches towards changing your psychology, and he’s also trained in Somatic Experiencing, a 45-year old body-oriented approach to healing which combines physiology, psychology, biology, neuroscience, and ancient Chinese healing practices.

Through my sessions you will learn how the mind-body connection helps open neuropathways to healing. The skillset you learn in session will become a part of your “toolset” on your life- long journey towards happiness and wellbeing.

Tom will not wholly agree with you, or “uh huh” you to death like other therapists. He will push you, heal you, and help you in your apprenticeship to the truth. 

What is The Process Like?


1. Creating a safe environment through competency.

Tom has undergone over 260 hours of post-graduate training in the last two years to help clients promote healing from within. He picked an office with lots of space and colors for clients to orient to and feel safe. The office has a pond in the background where he frequently walks with clients to engage the body during treatment. 

2. Discovering the patterns of past, and how that plays into the present.

Clients fill out an intake and talk about their problems in sessions 1-4. Your therapist/coach assesses your emotions, thought patterns, affect, behaviors, tone, strengths, and somatic states to see where your baseline is, and how those baselines were created based on your gender, race, age, sexuality, physical health, socioeconomic status, environment, relationships, perspective and recreational activities.

3. Creating more self awareness.

Tom believes in a holistic healing approach, which is the congruence of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Often, when one of the three elements are out of sync with the others, it creates stress. In sessions 4-10, your therapist/coach helps you create more awareness for your thoughts, emotions and behaviors using an approach tailored-made to you.

4. Using self-awareness to change emotion, thoughts and behaviors in real-time.

Using the your newfound self-awareness, you will learn to address depression, anxiety, PTSD, automatic negative thoughts, and negative feelings as they happen in real-time, without the help of a therapist/coach.

5. Creating newer and healthier patterns in present and future

As you address your issues in real-time, you create a completely different trajectory for yourself. Instead of being hampered by your disorders, you’ll learn how to thrive. Instead of being depressed by your love life, you will create healthy boundaries and flourish. Instead of being stuck in your 9-5, you will rediscover your zest for life. 

About Me

My name is Tom Liu, I am a Licensed Master of Social Worker in Georgia, and Life Coach from New York City. I’ve worked in the helping professions for over 7 years. I work primarily with young men and women at my practice in Atlanta, and use telemental health with people all over the world (Japan, Spain, China, Netherlands, NY, California).

I earned my undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology from NYU, and earned my Masters degree from University of Southern California.  I graduated both Universities with high honors. 

My primary theoretical orientations are Positive Psychology, Somatic Experience and Cognitive Behavior Therapy.  I use mixed, holistic, client-specific methods in my sessions with my clients.



“As of writing, I am currently on-track to make perhaps the biggest life-changing decision of my 37 years on this planet, and I consider Tom to have been one of the key points of inspiration for me actually getting off my butt and doing it instead of just dreaming of making it a reality. In my mid-to-late thirties, I’ve run across a bit of a meaning crisis, and Tom has done plenty to help direct me towards a more meaningful life, both on the large scale and on a daily basis. He is empathetic, thoughtful, calm, and always positive, yet grounded in reality with a pragmatic approach.”

 -RB, Music Industry

Not only was he an active “speaker” giving me advice… he would ask me questions or stimulate my own mind to find the answers for myself, through myself. He was one of the only people who inspired my quest for something more than I even thought I could do. He inspired me to apply to better graduate schools and move on to bigger and better things. Without his inspiration, I would have probably never did any of this for myself. Seeing my abilities through his lens also motivated me to make my dreams a reality.

-FY, Armed Forces

About a year ago, I was in a dark place and in need of major transitions: dead end job, bad relationship and depressed. After seeking Tom’s help, he empowered me to take control of my life, to refocus the direction it was headed, and to begin to actualize my goals and dreams. Tom is an inspirational coach, and has helped provide guidance to navigate through difficult life choices. Through consistent counsel and by applying his philosophy toward problem resolution, Tom taught me how to live a happier and healthier life.” 

-MC, Manager of a Fortune 100 Company

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